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The metaverse is everywhere and therefore mostly outdoors. Our reality blends digital artefacts - created by artists and brands, curated by many - into three-dimensional audiovisual experiences in the physical world. VARY enables individuals to playfully enrich their neighbourhoods and allows institutions and organizations to communicate to engage their global communities in their respective vicinities.

The Platform

Bridged to the multiverse of NFT marketplaces and supporting blockchains, the VARY metaverse platform will make curating NFT exhibitions in the urban landscape easy and accessible to anyone. We will leverage the improving AR capabilities on the consumer side to make the placement of digital artifacts in the real world ubiquitous.

Aiming to increase the level of realism of AR experience, we will focus on detail of location and state persistence as well as multiplayer functionality. Our platform will allow artists, institutions and brands to engage with their audiences in their vicinity.

Custom projects

We are currently supporting individuals, institutions and companies in their transition to the metaverse - beginning with a thorough status analysis, to digitally enhancing their products via custom NFT marketplaces (hybrid products) integrated in their e-commerce applications and implementing high-quality mixed reality events such as scavenger hunts and open air showrooms.

2021 Q4


Core Team Kickoff

VARY App v1 Development

2022 Q1

Team Expansion

VARY App v1 Release

NFT - AR Pipeline

2022 Q2

VARY App v2 Release

Tokenomics Design


First Brand Partnerships Announcement

Yannick Steitz

Founder / Business Development / Sales

10+ Years Music/Event Industry

Jérôme Sprenger-Sèvegrand

Founder / Product / Design

15+ Years in Digital Product Development

Tymen Goetsch

Augmented Reality Lead / Producer

5+ Years 3D/VR/AR Art Production

Pablo Andrés

Software Engineering Lead / Full Stack Developer

7+ Years Hybrid App and Single Page App Development

Lukas Amacher

Business Strategist and NFT Expert

10+ Years Real estate, entrepreneurship, company building, creative consulting

Silvia Götti

Augmented Reality Lead

5+ Years Full Stack Developer

John Köberle

Game Design Lead / 3D Artist

5+ years of 3D/VR Art and Game Design

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